As a therapist, I pride myself on meeting all clients where they are at. This means I provide an environment that is intended to be a {safe space} where you can be {you}. While I look forward to learning more about each of my clients individually, there are several populations I have particular expertise in working with.

Men's Counseling

kohlmann.sascha  Axis Counseling, PLLC

kohlmann.sascha Axis Counseling, PLLC

Over the years, I have worked with men from ages 16-62 on issues of masculinity and what it means to be a {man}. More often than not, men are seen through a narrow lens that often leaves them without a true sense of self. My goal in therapy is to {help men uncover who they are}, how they feel, and mirror how they may be interpreted by those around them. Ultimately, if you are a man seeking therapy with me, you are welcome to {come as you are}... we'll figure out where to go from there in a {safe and judgement free space}.                        


Some of the topics we may discuss are

‣Society's Expectations: Sex/Masculinity/Power      ‣Emotional Exploration & Education

‣Sexuality & Relationships      ‣Unpacking Guilt & Anger

Helping Professionals

Joi Ito  Axis Counseling, PLLC

Joi Ito Axis Counseling, PLLC

In addition to my masters in community counseling, I hold a masters in education and spent 10 ten years working in college and universities throughout the nation. Being an educator allowed me to witness the power of mentorship and to create lasting change with individuals as well as organizations. {So what was the problem?} 10-14 hour days were my norm and {I lacked boundaries for my own wellness}. If this sounds like you, we’ve got plenty to talk about. Whether you’re in student affairs, a non-profit or education, I understand the struggle to put one’s self first. {Let’s do something about it!}

College Students

Joi Ito  Axis Counseling, PLLC

Joi Ito Axis Counseling, PLLC

Traditional college-aged students deal with all sorts of “new”. New friends. New city. New ideas. New relationships. New awareness of identity. New living arrangements. And {A LOT of transition}. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to make sense of it all, while managing class, career choice, and life back home. My masters in higher education and student affairs administration as well as my time working with college students, gives me a {unique perspective as a therapist}. Whether you’re a sophomore having difficulty transitioning, a senior freaking out about getting a job, or a graduate student needing to find balance – {I’m here to help}.

Additional Areas of Focus

‣People of Color     ‣Queer People of Color

‣ LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning)   

‣PTSD     ‣Depression/Anxiety     ‣Anger Management

‣Career Counseling     ‣Financial Fears     ‣Sex Positivity (kink, poly, sex work)

‣Wellness Education & Goals     ‣Military Sexual Trauma (all genders)  


Therapeutic Approaches

My approach to counseling & therapy is informed by Gestalt, Multicultural, and Reality therapy frameworks.

{Gestalt Therapy} encourages clients to become aware of the emotions they experience in the present moment. While the focus of each session will be on the present, together we will frame your past through a lens of experiences, behaviors, and feelings that effect your today. Moreover, as a Gestalt therapist I will work to facilitate an authentic working relationship with you that is respectful, inquisitive, and aware of dynamics in the here-and-now.

{Multicultural Therapy} supports the idea that each one of us has an identity(ies) that has shaped who we are and how we interact with the environment around us. I believe that part of a successful therapeutic relationship is exploring the question “Who are you?” I welcome the exploration and affirmation of clients’ multiple identities such as gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, ability/disability status, veteran status, and spirituality.

{Reality Therapy} helps clients focus on problem-solving and ability to make different choices in order to achieve specific goals. Together, you and I will work toward understanding what your wants are and how current behaviors may hinder or help the fulfillment of goals. I believe that by focusing on what behaviors one can change or alter, people can become more empowered to improve their present as well as their future.